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Introduction ///

After more than a decade of consistency & constancy in production & entertainment.

FKIM ENTERTAINMENT INC Companies & Brands were sold to : 3/11 2014.

It will now become a corporation specialize in print & digital publishing starting : March 30, 2014.

About US :

Formally established in USA as French Kisss Intercontinental LLC., FKI MEDIA was a corporation managing companies mainly specialize in Music & Video Production, Publishing and Marketing. To face the internet new media revolution it was essential for FKI Media to unite all its division in one powerful corporation focused on delivering to our customers the quality multimedia products they deserve.

Our main Companies and Brands :

- Mist Mix Media [ Music Entertainment ]

Created in 2001, Mist Mix Media was established in Paris, France with 5 staff member's who united their professional experience in Music Industry as project manager, business affair, party promoter, public relation and marketing manager.

Uniting their essential expertise in Music Business allowed to create a task force focusing on Music Production & Licensing, Artists development, and also providing content for Brand Promotion with Premium CD or Music synchro & advertising in Radio and TV Market.

In 2008, 7 years later, after more than 350 music compilation licensing, more than 450 parties worldwide including 5 years of monthly  consecutive parties at Queen Club Paris since 2004, more than 80 singles licensed, and after a music revolution where so many jobs were destroyed, we decided to incorporate Mist Mix Media with keeping the original staff. Read More

- FKI Music Release [ Publishing & Entertainment ]

Established in USA with a European satellite in Paris, FKI Music is a music label specialized in Publishing & Marketing, the ADN of French Kisss Intercontinental. We try to release music & entertainment which makes sense to be shared. Our music analysts always seek for new ways to release and distribute our releases, which gives us the credit to manage the distribution of other labels and brands on iTunes, Traxsource, Beatport and all new digital sites which seems indispensable to connect with our valued customer's. Read More

- AVanguard Records [ an independent Vanguard Recording Company ]

Our signature label, freshly created in 2010. Why AVanguard Records ? This a mix between a French and American words : Avant-garde & Vanguard. The DNA of both words is about innovation & creation. We try to detect and help talented artists to reach the next level. As a priority for us, this label benefits from 10 years of experience in marketing development and business affairs. Our objective is simple, signing and delivering quality songs to the mainstream market. Read More

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